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This is place to get the latest info on what’s transpiring with Dove on the Rise International. Check back frequently; we’re endeavoring to keep this page fresh with the latest news. Thanks for taking the time to see what’s going on with DotR!

Just to let everyone know, our web designer, David Camm, is in the throes of agony (just kidding) getting the website overhaul up and running. We're excited to see the new changes, and we think you will be too. Some highlights -- an overhauled, simplified web store. Recurring donor access (login, update your info, etc.) And for the DotR Partners, unlimited access to all our digital materials -- add to the cart, download free of charge! (This goes for all the DotR Online Academy teachings as well.) Keep an eye for these new rollouts this month.


We are excited to announce that Joy Maloney and Andrew Maloney are recording the next semester's videos/MP3 teachings for the courses: The Seer Operation and Faith Dynamics. Per James' wishes, we are taking over his lessons (Andrew is recording the videos using James' notes -- Joy will continue her course in MP3 format.) We want to thank everyone for their continued support, and in giving James' family time to process his loss. We hope to do him proud!

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We are excited to announce a new online curriculum for our monthly supporters, on-demand, learn at your own pace.

Over the years, we’ve had hundreds of requests to start systematic theological studies. So after prayer and careful consideration, we're committed to video-recording biweekly teachings: two 30-40 minute lessons on the first of each month, and two 30-40 minute lessons on the 15th of each month (4 lessons monthly, at least two hours total teaching per month.) Joy will take over recording audio MP3s that will run concurrently with the video lessons now recorded by Andrew Maloney. To start with, the curriculum is intended to span a two year program, broken down into semesters on specific topics.

The premise for “higher learning” stems from revelation of biblical truth—the Greek word epignosis—that is, “knowledge from above.” The motivation, therefore, is to take the revelation that studying the Word for nearly fifty years has given James and Joy—as well as their practical application of that Word for nearly forty-five years of fulltime, itinerant ministry—and present it in a systematic way as a legacy for future generations.

While many of the requests for an online academy have come from those who are studying for full-time ministry, the curriculum presented will be beneficial for people in workplace ministry, people of any age, for students, business professionals, and homemakers, too. The material is appropriate for all levels of spiritual development and for people who feel every Christian has a calling in their respective spheres of influence. Everyone can benefit from the teachings provided in this online academy!


The video material is presented systematically, broken down into semester-long classes, starting with Prophetic 101 (with James Maloney): how to hear the voice of God, discernment, simple gift of prophecy, prophetic office, and so on.

These lessons will then dovetail into Prophetic 201 (with Andrew Maloney), incorporating elements of the Seer Operation, outlining the visionary capacity of prophetic operation.

After that, we will move into the Army of the Lord Movement concepts: healing and power evangelism for societal change, earthing the glory, the release of signs wonders, and miracles and a balanced doctrine on the sons of God.

The fourth semester will cover the Dove Company Calling, which will focus on topics like friendship in Christ (union in Christ), the Bride of Christ (intimacy with Christ), the Bridegroom (the King Himself), sonship anointing, and the Kingdom of Heaven. We are convinced this grounded teaching will help clear up a lot of confusion over the next decade or so, should the Lord tarry.

Alongside James’ and Andrew's classes, Joy will continuing recording the MP3s that will assist in developing balance and grounding with the Higher Learning elements for the individual Christian walk. Her topics will start with Covenantal Healing in all its applications, then move into Faith Dynamics, then Basic Foundation Doctrines, and finally Personal Discipleship Foundations.


We are asking for regular, consistent support from the people registering for the online academy. The requested donation is $30/month per person ($50/month per couple, a $10 discount)—about $7.50/video lesson, just a couple dollars more than our current audio teachings. This covers the cost of producing the videos and a little bit of our time in recording them. The consistent support is the key to making this online academy viable.

You will need to setup a recurring donation through our secure website, and if you choose to stop receiving the videos/MP3s, you can cancel at any time. You may also donate per year, if you would prefer by e-mailing us directly.

While it is possible to stream the videos on-demand through the Content Delivery Network, to save on bandwidth expenses, we’re asking if you’re able to download the videos to watch offline that you do so.

For those who participate in the program for two years, we’ll send you a certificate of completion at that time.


Many of the requests we’ve received for an online academy have come from people living in developing nations. For those who are unable to afford the $30/month, we are asking for those people who are able to prayerfully consider supporting these students by submitting scholarships in their name. We will research requests for a scholarship to ensure it is valid, and then let the benefactor know when their donated scholarship is being used, giving the details of the person they are sponsoring in the academy, so that you know you are sowing into good soil.

So, if you’re in a position to help out with scholarships, we kindly ask that you do so!

Any questions, please send us an e-mail: contact@votdc.com. Thank you for your time and prayerful consideration in supporting this endeavor, the DotR Online Academy of Higher Learning.

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We're extremely excited about this Dove Online Academy! The entire first semester, Prophetic 101 (James Maloney), is now available, as well as The Healing Covenant (Joy Maloney.) Prophetic 201 (Andrew Maloney) and Faith Dynamics (Joy Maloney) are ongoing.

You can now register for the academy by going to the Partner button at the top of this website. On that page, make sure to select:

$30 for a single student

$50 for a couple

And then select Continuing Donation.

It's very important you keep us up to date with a current e-mail address -- it's the only way we can contact you with the materials. If you ever need to reach us, send an e-mail to contact@votdc.com.

The details:

The links to download the video teachings and MP3s will be e-mailed to you bi-weekly (around the 1st and 15th of the month.)

For as long as you keep the recurring donation, you'll continue to receive the ongoing video/mp3 courses. As always, you may cancel your recurring donation at any time to stop receiving the teaching. Send us an e-mail.

For those who continue through the complete program (currently 4 semesters' worth of teaching), we'll send you a certificate of completion.

For those who are already donating at $30 monthly or higher, you'll automatically be enrolled and receive the download links. If you are donating less than $30, and would like to enroll, please send us an e-mail: contact@votdc.com.

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Dear Friends:

I trust you are all doing well!

We wanted to reach out to you to ask for your prayerful consideration in supporting an upcoming project to overhaul DotR's website. As you probably know, Dad was always careful about asking for funds unless there was a specific project we were working toward: missions trips, RISE Events, and major expenses like the website. His last prophetic word to Mom and me was that he envisioned DotR's website becoming a central, digital hub for all of his theological notes -- transcribed either as video teachings, MP3s, and digital e-books -- all accessible instantly for consistent supporters. He called it a 'one-stop shop' for everything that DotR stood for: healing, the release of the supernatural, theological soundness, doctrinal grounding, developing a prophetic spirit, and vision casting for the future. He called it the 'fourth phase' of DotR's ministry, and he believed it would see its fulfillment in his children's and grandchildren's ministry, as long as the Lord should tarry, long after he passed away. Little did we know at the time, that was much sooner than we were anticipating. 

As it was becoming clearer in early 2020 that the pandemic was becoming a global trial and would upset itinerant ministry for the foreseeable future, and to further this mandate of leaving a legacy of materials for future generations, he started the DotR Online Academy last summer to begin implementing this directive, wanting to compile 45 years' worth of teaching to a permanent medium that could be accessed anywhere in the world. While this has been a time of upheaval for us as a family personally, it has also been an extremely trying time for just about everyone else, too, where the day-to-day routines of most people's lives have been directly affected. During this time of 'gross darkness', Dad was convinced (and I am as well) that we were to 'arise and shine,' for the glory of the Lord is risen upon His people. (Isaiah 60.) 

To facilitate this, Dad wanted DotR to continue being a voice of healing, providing prophetic insight into the forthcoming Dove Company movement, and a source of encouragement during the tumult of these times. When he passed away, he left specific directives that we were to continue this project to see it completed: a two-year online Bible school program that was available to anyone, anywhere, at any time -- at least seven more digital books -- 200 MP3/video teachings. We're going to ensure that this happens over the next few years. So, your consistent support enables us to do that -- and we thank you for it! We've always been pleased that DotR's overhead is one of the lowest for the amount of reach our materials had. We intended to keep it that way, and streamline it even further. But upfront costs like overhauling the website require more direct support, and that's why I felt it was worthwhile to share the need with you all. 

The cost for the project is $7,000 USD, which if you know anything about web design, is a very reasonable figure. Working for ministries in the past, it was the norm to have website costs range anywhere from $30-$50k! But since we've been working with David, our web designer, for nearly 15 years now, his team has given us a proposal that is very agreeable for what we want to do. We are planning to completely overhaul the website, front end and back end. The lion's share of this expense is programming code to allow recurring donors to be able to log in to the site and access ALL of our digital materials when they like, streaming videos and MP3s directly from the site if needed, downloading digital materials like e-books and audiobooks, and allowing them to maintain their account manually (update credit cards, generate receipts for donations, etc.) We want to streamline the store where it works just like the donation page of the site, with direct links to the major publishers for print books, and immediate download of all the digital formats of our materials. We want to update the look, change the text to reflect Dad's legacy, and add a new component called Rise & Shine, which will be a weekly post every Sunday, a short word of encouragement, excerpts from the materials we are constantly producing: short teachings, snippets of videos and MP3s, etc. 

Because it takes a LOT of time to program code, we're having David and his team start now -- so this is a step of faith that the finances will be there. Please consider a special offering to help offset the cost of this website project. Anything we receive will be directly earmarked ONLY for the website overhaul. You can visit the current website to make a donation online, or to register for ongoing support to sign up for the Online Academy, and eventually have access to all the materials mentioned above for as long as continue to support DotR. If you would prefer to mail in an offering, the address is below. Thank you very much for your consideration -- it means a great deal to our family! May the Lord continue to bless and keep you all safe! 

In His service and yours,

Andrew Maloney Dove on the Rise International PO Box 1166 Argyle, TX 76226

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These are James Maloney's two Australian Shepherds. Lolly (on the right) is a three-year-old spayed female, and Wyatt is a four-year-old neutered male. They are purebred, standard-sized blue merle Aussies. Wyatt is about 65-lbs. with chimed eyes (full heterochromia, one brown eye, one blue eye); Lolly is around 55-lbs. with partially chimed eyes (half blue/half brown in the same eye.) Both dogs are housebroken and sweet with children and other pets. As per the norm with their breed, these are highly intelligent animals.

Sadly, Joy is unable to care for the dogs as they deserve, and we are now accepting adoption applications for rehoming the Aussies to a permanent home. For interested parties, this would be a type of ministry to our family. James considered these his youngest children, and he kissed them goodnight as he put them in their beds. They were a great source of joy in his life, as he grew up with Australian Shepherds as a child. He adored these dogs, and they have been pining for him since he passed. We need to find them qualified, forever homes, and we are willing to arrange for their transportation within the United States.

However, we must be extremely picky as to where they would go, so there are a few requirements: BOTH dogs must go together and not be separated. New owners must offer more than a standard, fenced yard -- Aussies are high energy, working-class dogs who love water and lots of space to romp. Ideally, we're looking for people with land for them to explore -- no apartment dwellers, please. Potential new owners will need to be vetted by Joy and willing to promise the dogs will not be separated.

If you're interested in applying for adoption, please send us an e-mail at contact@votdc.com, and you'll be forwarded to Joy directly. Thank you all so much!


It is my very sad duty to inform you all that my father, James Maloney, passed away at 8:30pm, December 22, 2020, from COVID-19 complications. He was five weeks short of his sixty-fifth birthday. 

While our hearts are heavy, knowing we will be separated from him for yet awhile, we take comfort in honoring his legacy as a genuine man of God: a loving husband, father and grandfather, and a dedicated servant of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. For forty-five years, James ministered to tens of thousands of people in thirty-seven countries and forty-eight States, seeing some of the most remarkable signs, wonders, miracles and healings, while bringing the gospel and the personal word of the Lord to so, so many. We are firmly persuaded his homegoing was an occasion for tremendous celebration. 

Dove on the Rise International will continue to remain in operation, headed up by his family per his directives. He asked my mother, Joy Maloney, to commit his more than forty-five years of teaching materials to digital format (MP3s and e-books) to preserve for future generations, and we are going to ensure his wishes are fulfilled. This website will be turned into a hub for all of those materials.

Further, the associates of Dove on the Rise, headed up by Executive Associate, John Proodian, will continue to operate in a similar flow of itinerant ministry as James, who mentored them for several years, ensuring that the motivation, integrity and anointing that drove James’ ministry is duplicated in theirs. The Board of Directors for our ministry will remain intact.

Dove on the Rise goes beyond just James Maloney as a singular minister, and we anticipate his legacy will be represented through us for generations to come. For that reason, we are encouraging all of you who support our ministry on a regular basis to continue doing so. We will posting regularly here with updates.

Per James’ request, we are not having a public funeral, and in lieu of flowers, please make donations through this website to help support James’ grieving family.

Thank you all for your prayers, love and support throughout the years. The body of Christ has lost a true General in the faith, a Dove in the Company of believers, but we know his heritage will live on through his children and grandchildren, and the wonderful people that God brought into his path.

Dad, Godspeed you to your inheritance and rest. You are loved, you are honored, you are missed—but we’ll see you again real soon. Say hello to everyone who’s gone before us.

In His service and yours,

Andrew Maloney

Dove on the Rise International

“For if we live, we live to the Lord; and if we die, we die to the Lord. Therefore, whether we live or die, we are the Lord’s.” (Romans 14:8)

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We're excited to announce we now have the means to set up recurring monthly donations for Dove Company Partners. Depending on your level of donation and how long you've been a Partner, you will be given a discount code for all of the products available in our online store: print books (you'll pay shipping), MP3s, e-books and audiobooks. The discount percentage ranges from 10% off to 100% (free.) The longer you continue to donate, the higher the discount.

In the near future, you'll be able to log in to your Partner Dashboard prior to ordering from our store to get your latest discount code as these will change daily. And over time, you'll also be able to use your Partner Dashboard to change your donation amount, change your credit card information, change your address information or -- hopefully not -- cancel your participation.

For those making a one-time donation, we will also offer certain discount codes.

All donations are tax-deductible as charitable contributions. You will receive a confirmation e-mail of your donation immediately, and a yearly tax receipt will be generated in January detailing your previous year's donation.

For those who have been consistently supporting our ministry, we invite you to register for recurring donations by clicking the link below. Thank you as always for your continued support!

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 The King will reply, 'I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.' (NIV)  Matthew 25:40